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Large Cluster Videos
Large Cluster Video # 4

Chlorite Included Cluster

Up To 12 Inch Long Points
Excellent Condition
Approx. 13.5H x 15W x 5D
Large Cluster Video # 5

Center Point On Metal Stand

Gorgeous Massive Point
Record Keeper
Several Markings
Approx. 21H Overall
Crystal Size 18H x 11W x 12 Deep
Large Cluster Video # 6

Large Quartz Crystal Cluster

Near Perfect Condition
Excellent Clarity
Approx.17H x 38W x 23D
Large Cluster Video # 7

Yin and Yang Cluster

Half Phantom Crystals
Half Clear Quartz Crystal
Approx.15H x 31W x 37D
Large Cluster Video # 9

Spectacular Crystal Cluster

Very Clear
Cool Spray Formation
Great Appearance
Approx.15H x 32W x 18D
Large Cluster Video # 8

Quartz Crystal Cluster

Large Crystal Points
Complex Structure
Interesting Piece
Approx. 12H x 27W x 21D
Large Cluster Video # 10

Large Quartz Cluster

Excellent Display Piece
Comes With Wooden Stand
Approx. 15.5H x 9.5W
Large Cluster Video # 11

Natural Golden Cluster

Uncleaned Quartz Crystal
Unique Color
Nice Long Points
Approx.21H x 30W x 42D
Large Cluster Video # 12

Uncleaned Quartz Crystal Cluster

Nice Peaks And Valleys
Very Good Condition
Approx.18.5H x 24W x 45D
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Large Cluster Video # 1

Beautiful Clear Quartz Cluster

Super Gemmy
Excellent Piece
Approx. 13H x 12W x 3.5D
Large Cluster Video # 2

Large Quartz Point Cluster

Large Points
Gorgeous Cluster
Approx. 8H x 7.5W
Large Cluster Video # 3

Quartz Crystal Cluster

Spectacular Display Piece
Unique Crystal Formations
Lots Of Rainbows
Approx. 6H x 12W