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Inventory # 1

Giant Quartz Earth-keeper Crystal

weighs 2002 lbs, stands upright.
Must see to believe!
Inventory # 2

Giant Quartz Crystal

single point
Weighs 1738 lbs!!!
Inventory # 3

Giant Amethyst Geode from Uruguay

weighs 4400lbs!
Inventory # 4

Elmwood Calcite Specimen

Golden Yellow Color / Large Specimen
Approx. 5 ½”L x 5”W
Inventory # 5

Lepidolite Book Mica

Deep Lavender Color
Lots of Flash
Approx. 1”-4” Diameter
1-5 lbs for $5.00/LB
6-20 lbs for $4.00/LB
21-100+ lbs for $3.00/LB
Inventory # 6

Quartz Crystal Earring Points

Approx 265pcs (some imperfect)
½” - 1 ¼”L x Avg. 1/8” Diameter
Inventory # 7

Diamontina Laser Cluster

Comprised of 8 Crystals
Excellent Condition
10” L x 4” W x 4” H
Inventory # 9

Arkansas Clear Quartz Record Keepers

Freshly Dug From Our Mine
Easy To See Recorders!
Approx. 2.5”-3.25”L x 1.25”-2.75”W
3 each for $50.00
Inventory # 8

Treasure Chest Kit - Great counter top item or party fun. Pine chest with 20lbs assorted tumbled stones, crystals & minerals, and 8 dozen draw string pouches.
Entire kit is $199.50 net
Inventory # 10

Citrine Cathedral Set

Two Contrasting Citrine Cathedrals
One Is A Very Dark Golden Color
One Is A Lighter Golden Color
Great For Resale Or A Collection

Light: 37 lbs, approx. 20”H x 8”W x 3” Deep
Inventory # 11

Pendulum Sampler

Includes Two Each Of:
Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Aventurine,
Carnelian, Pink Tourmaline, Clear Quartz,
Amethyst, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Bloodstone, Tiger Eye
Great Retail Item!
Approx. 1”-1.75”L
Inventory # 12

Polished Malachite Nodule

High Grade
Dark Green Swirls
Polished On Front
Approx. 11.5”L x 8”W x .5”-1”Thick
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