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Inventory Special # 148

Clear Quartz Crystal Points Flat

Commercial Grade
Great Deal!
Approx. 1.5-2.5L x .75-1W
11 lbs (Approx. 158 each) for $65.00
Inventory Special # 149

Large Pyrite Specimen

8L x 6W x 5H
Incredible Display Specimen
Rhombohedral Crystals
Crystallized On All Sides
Shiny Metallic Gold Color
Inventory Special # 150

Arkansas Select Clear Miniature Clusters

112 pcs for $92.00
Inventory Special # 151

Small Peruvian Pyrite Clusters

High Grade
Approx. 1-2 Diameter
5lbs for $95.00
Inventory Special # 153

Golden Calcite Sphere Sampler

Translucent Honey Color
Approx. 2.5-3 Diameter
3 each for $140.00
Inventory Special # 152

Special Rainbow Fluorite Octahedrons

Rare, from Illinois
Approx. .5-.75 Diameter
1 lb for $80.00
Inventory Special # 154

Large Polished Phantom Specimen Crystal

From Brazil
Showroom Grade
Manganese Inclusions
Good Phantoms
High Shine
Stand Included
Unusual Reverse Tapered Shape
Approx. 17H x 4W (without stand)
23H x 4W (with stand)
Inventory Special # 155

Blue Agate & Quartz Crystal Sphere

Great polish, very beautiful colors & pattern
10 diameter
Inventory Special # 156

Chrysanthemum Stones

Dark Limestone With Naturally Formed Calcite Patterns
Approx. 2.25-3.5L x 1.5-2W
20 for $`160.00
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Inventory Special # 145

Phantom + Manganese Inclusions
Tabby Set

Unique/Rare Faden Phantom Tabbys
Approx. 2.5-6W x 3-5.5L
Set of 3 for $245.00
Inventory Special # 146

Pyrite Cubes

From Spain
High Grade Cubes
Metallic Golden Color
Approx. 1.5-1.75L x 1.25-1.5W x 1.25H
2 each for $132.00
Inventory Special # 147

Polished Malachite Eggs

From the Congo, Africa
High Shine
Radial Patterns
Great Retail Size
Different Shades of Green
Approx. 1.5-1.75
6 each for $80.00