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Inventory Special # 160

Citrine Cathedral Pair

Radiant Honey Color
Sparkly Marcasite and Calcite
Each Piece 45”H x14” W x7” Deep
Inventory Special # 161

Natural Smoky Quartz Point

Self Standing
Polished Top / Natural Sides
Large Natural Diamond “Window” Face
Light Smoky Color
Approx. 7”H x 5”W
Inventory Special # 162

Quartz Crystal Cluster

Displays Well
Starburst Formation
Extra Sparkly
Approx.5”H x 7”W x 8”Deep
Inventory Special # 163

Arkansas Clear Quartz Burr Cluster Set

Freshly Dug From Our Mine
Crystallized On All Sides
Perfect For Resale
Beautiful Shine
Approx. 4”-5” L x 2.5”-4”W
4 each for $109.00
Inventory Special # 165

Freeform Chrysocolla Cabochons

Perfect for jewelry and wire wrapping
Approx. 1”-2”L x .5”-1”W
35 for $175.00
Inventory Special # 164

Dioptase Specimen Sampler

Deep Emerald Green Color
Beautiful Crystals
Approx. 1.5”-2” Diameter
4 each for $120.00
Inventory Special # 166

Polished Aura Sphere Sampler

Includes 3 each of: Rainbow Aura (Titanium), Rose Aura (Gold/Silver), Aqua Aura (Gold), Opal Aura (Zircon)
Approx. 18mm
12 each $90.00
Inventory Special # 167

Collectors Assortment

Includes: Topaz (Zambia), Cobaltoan Calcite (Morocco), Fluorite (Nambia), Zircon (Canada), Fluorite (Germany), Fluorite on Quartz (Nambia), Amethyst (Nambia), Rhodochrosite (Peru), Amethyst Scepter (Nambia), Fluorite (Spain), Turkey Fat Smithsonite (Arkansas), Hematite Rutile (Brazil), Spessartine on Quartz (China), Smithsonite (New Mexico), Malachite (Congo), Azurite (Arizona), Grossular Garnet (Mexico), Siderite (Morocco), Fluorite (Germany), Vanadanite (Morocco)
Approx. .5"-2" sized specimens
“Old Price $1400.00”
New Price $700.00
Inventory Special # 168


Unbelievable deal!  50% off!
Approx. 56 pcs
An assortment of sizes:  2"-8"L
Regular Wholesale price $126.00
Discounted to $63.00
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Inventory Special # 157

Malachite Eggs

Beautiful Emerald Green Color
Unique Patterns
Approx. 35 mm - 40mm Diameter
3 Each For $115.00
Inventory Special # 158

Arkansas Tabby Specimen

Freshly Dug From Our Mine
Manganese Inclusions
Faden/String Inclusions
Beautiful Rainbows
Approx. 5”L x 4”W x 2.5”H
WAS $500.00
NOW $350.00
Inventory Special # 159

Citrine Cathedral

Unique Calcite Formations Inside
Vibrant Array Of Color
Very Deep Interior
Large Opening
Approx. 14”H x 10”W x 6” Deep