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February 2019
Feature # 1
Quartz Crystal Clusters with Pyrite

From Peru
Unique Formations
Great for Collectors
Approx. 5.5L x 5W x 2.75H
Approx. .5- 5.5L x .5-3.5W
26 each for $219.00
Feature # 2
Labradorite Spheres

Vibrant Flashes of Color
From Madagascar
Approx. .75-3.5 Diameter
2 each for $130.00
Feature # 3
Arkansas Clear Quartz Points

Freshly Dug from Our Mine
Beautiful Single Points
Approx. 1.5-3.5L x .5-1W
12 each for $49.00
Feature # 4
Arkansas Quartz Crystal Clusters

Freshly Dug from Our Mine
Approx. 3.5-4.5L x 2.5-4.5W
4 each for $96.00
Feature # 5
Arkansas Clear Quartz Tabby

Freshly Dug from Our Mine
Perfect for Resale
Beautiful Shine
Approx. 5H x 4.75W
Feature # 6
Solid White Opals

From Australia
Beautiful Flashes of Color
Approx. 65 Carats
11 each for $1300.00
Feature # 7
Large Citrine Plate

Rich Honey Color
Perfect Display Piece
Approx. 20H x 36W
Feature # 9
Agate Slabs With Wooden Stands

Beautiful Banded Agate Slabs
Unique Formations
Great for Display
Fully Polished
Approx. 9-10.5H x 8.5-8.75W
2 each for $180.00
Feature # 8
Ammonite and Orthoceras Plate

From Morocco
Large Display Piece
Approx. 36H x 34W
Feature # 10
Fushite Flat

Sparkly Green
Medium Color
Approx. 2-3.5 Diameter
10 lbs for $60.00
Feature # 11
Large Smoky Polished Set

One with Rutile Inclusions
One with Phantom
One with Mineral Inclusions and Rainbows
Self Standing
Approx. 2-3.5H x 1.2-3.5W
3 Each For $90.00
Feature # 12
A/B Mix Larimar Sampler

From Dominican Republic
Beautiful Color
Chapa (Sheet) Slabs Pictured in Water
Hand Selected
Approx. 1.5-2.5 Diameter
18 each for $65.00
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