April 2017

    Spring break has hit us full force, and we couldn’t be happier. Wegner’s is alive with some major hustle and bustle with families from all over the surrounding states. We love this time of year as the tourist season begins. Our tailings area is freshly stocked with new product from our commercial mine. We have done major work at the Crystal Forest Mine opening up new areas, and moving dirt to refresh old areas.


    Richard just attended the 2017 Governor’s Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. He attends every year to learn new ways for us to grow in the hospitality industry. At the conference they informed us that tourism has increased in Arkansas by 5% this past year. Arkansas is the natural state and there are many fun, affordable, unique adventures to have here in the state; and we are one of them! However there was some concern about our International customers feeling welcome. Our position on the matter is that the news and certain outspoken individuals are trying to create an atmosphere of control and populism. Speaking for ourselves and our fellow Arkansas tourism counterparts nothing has changed, and there are no negative feelings about anyone for any reason. We will keep a growing relationship with individuals from all walks of life on the planet. We were honored to gift one of our quartz crystals to the conference. Joe David Rice from Arkansas Parks and Tourism presented the cluster to guest speaker Roger Dow, President and CEO of US Travel Association.

    We are gearing up for a new grand re-opening of the Phantom Mine for diggers. It will be a 4 hour dig for $40 per person. We provide round trip transportation and a guide. Trips will leave Monday-Friday at 10:30. Advance reservations and a deposit will be required. Groups that want to visit the Phantom Mine on the weekend can do so by appointment only.

The Wegner Crew

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