October 2018

    October is finally here and autumn is right on its heels. The leaves are just starting to change color and we can already tell itís going to be a beautiful fall here in Mount Ida, AR.

    Richard just returned from the Denver Gem and Mineral show. Heís brought back lots of beautiful new specimens to sell. We always feel like kids at Christmas when he brings back all the new merchandise that we get to unwrap and admire.


    This month we will be featuring some of the new items Richard brought back from Denver. You definitely want to make sure and check out all the new goodies we have in the store! Weíve got lots of new Citrine, polished double terminated Fluorite points, large display pieces, carved Quartz Crystal Skulls, and more! If you have visited in a while, nowís the time to plan a trip!


    With autumnís arrival itís the perfect season for crystal digging. The days have cooled off and the crystals are still everywhere to be found. Hope to see you soon.

The Wegner Crew

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