September 2017

    Here in Arkansas we were fortunate that the August heat was mild, with many scattered showers. This helps to make our garden plentiful all summer long. We have been blessed to be able to donate the produce to our local food banks in Mt.Ida and Norman Arkansas.


    We have started taking groups back up to the phantom mine. If you’re interested in visiting the phantom mine for a dig please call a week in advance to make reservations. Keep in mind this is an all day dig, so come prepared with a lunch, bug spray/sunscreen, and a hat.


    We recently had a family come by for our geocaching. They sent us a sweet review …

“Our twin granddaughters are here for the week. They are new to the world of geocaching. I just had to take a couple of the large caches and they were hooked! Last night Avery worked with me on the computer to find some caches she wanted to find today. Since they are only nine, they are not very interested in the “log only” caches. She picked this one to start our day. They were not disappointed! Both girls spotted it immediately when we arrived at the spot. Thank you so much for placing a large cache. They loved it. Then we had such a pleasant surprise to find the wonderful crystal mine. We spent some fun time exploring the shop and crystals outside. Both girls selected a geode to have cracked. This is such a wonderful place to stop and geocache as well as enjoy the magnificent rocks and minerals. This made some good memories for their week with the grandparents. Thank you!”


The Wegner Crew

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