June 2017

    We would proudly announce our wonderful new team member Morgan Malone-Hunter. She is such a pleasure to work with as our customer say such nice things about her service and kindness.

    Also on May 22nd the Missouri School for the blind spent a day with us. A group of 35 came and conducted a class on mineralogy and geology; which was very interesting. Then our staff present different quartz and crystals to perceive with tactile. Therefor preparing them for an experience collecting crystals to use for an experiment with the piezoelectric properties of quartz crystals. When rubbed together in total darkness a glow appears due to the electricity generated through the kinetic rubbing motion.

    Fun was had by students and teachers alike with hundreds of pounds of crystals found to take back to Saint Louis, MO.

    We have a new container coming from Brazil full of amazing high quality Amethyst and other crystals. Great selection and great prices. Should be here at the end of June. Vessel sailing as we speak.

    Beth and I are celebrating our birthdays together as we are only 3 days apart. My family is coming in to join in the fun times together. I so love my family and Beth so with us all together it will be amazing times. So very grateful.

Peace and Love,

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