December 2018

    This time of year we like to focus on giving thanks for all of our blessings over this past year. Our business volume increases yearly all the while our quality in experiences and product stays high. We are so very grateful for all of our wonderful friends and acquaintances.



    The weather is perfect right now for digging! Itís a little chilly, so wear layers. Once you get moving youíll be happy to shed a few sweaters! Our heavy rains in November have exposed crystals everywhere. Itís a little muddy, but great picking to be had.

    We will be closed on weekends until March. However, we will still be open regular hours Monday - Friday. Remember trips up to the mine leave every day at 9:30, 11:30, and 1:30. Please try and arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign up and have a safety meeting. We are also still taking trips to the Phantom Mine. If you are interested in going please call (870)867-2309 in advance to make a reservation.

    New Stock has arrived! This will be a great opportunity to choose from a large group and receive a great price. Check out our December Monthly Features for some great Christmas gift ideas!

    Walk in business slows with the change in weather. Opportunities arise to visit with our customers longer. This is one of our favorite times in this business. Weíre working on mining new stock as time and the weather permits. We also begin the preparation of all our infrastructure and products for next year.

    Happy holidays filled with loving times and new memories to carry forward. We are all so grateful to live at this time and place.

The Wegner Crew

Orders Only: 800-367-9888 or Phone/Fax: 870-867-2309

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