January 2018

    Happy New Year to all of our fellow rock hounds. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season. The Holidays are a time of giving and gratitude. But we don't have to stop because the holidays are over. We would like to encourage everyone to keep giving in anyway you can. We donated to Arkansas Food Bank and found out that they are matching donations one hundred percent. We also participated in Hillcrest child sponsorship program. Which provides care and the needs of a child.

    We appreciate all the warm greeting cards we have received. It means so much to us that you all have taken the time out to write and share your experience. Below is a picture we received from Cara one of our guest from Hot Springs with her family here. She wrote us about her experience at the Crystal Forest Mine saying “It is a memory they will always cherish.


    Walk in business slows with the change in weather. Opportunities arise to visit with our customers longer. This is one of our favorite times in this business. We’re working on mining new quartz crystals as time and the weather permits. We also begin the preparation of all our infrastructure and products for next year.


    Happy holidays filled with loving times and new memories to carry forward. We are all so grateful to live at this time and place.

The Wegner Crew

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