We have tried to capture the feel of our place here to share with those of you who haven't had the opportunity to visit us yet. This is a challenge, but here we go. We welcome all to come by and experience the wonderful energy that everyone always comments about when they are here. We like to think that we are more than just a place where you can buy crystals and other minerals. We love to meet new people and truly enjoy the exchange of thoughts and ideas that seem to flow so freely around here. Many of our visitors come by for an hour and stay for several, and all leave knowing they have a new friend. So, please enjoy our photo tour - but come by to see us when you're in the area.

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Welcome to Wegner Crystal Ranch - 218 acres of nature's beauty surrounded on four sides by the Ouachita Mountains. Spring water feeds our streams and ponds encouraging wildlife. The stone columns are built with our quartz crystal.
Our warehouse is over 10,000 sq. ft. of crystals from our mines as well as minerals mined in the United States and imported from around the world. It is surrounded outside by acres of crystals stockpiled for the future. Originally the use for this building was unclear. Then one day I found a deposit of crystals on my land and my future unfolded before me.
Our Dalmatian friends. Patches is the one on the left and that's Freckles on the right, both catching some sunshine They are gentle loving animals who like to be present for any and all activities.
The ground floor of our 4 level wholesale inventory offers a worldwide selection of minerals in a peaceful atmosphere to shop. We treat everyone the same, whether you buy tonnage or our minimum purchase amount. We are just glad you are here.
Another section of our ground floor with excellent selection and newly lowered prices on many items. Browsing without any sales pressure is our standard. If we choose for you, we will provide the utmost in service when selecting your items.
We acquire many stones on trade. So if you have good material in a reasonable quantity that is fairly priced, bring it by for trading. We would only be interested in volume because wholesale is our primary business.
Our watchdog and friend, Hunter, greets everyone with a wagging tail. We currently have 2 cats, 19 head of cattle and 8 horses to round out our happy ranch.
Some of our clusters in the 100 to 300 lb. sizes. Great for lobbies or entrances to homes, fountains, waterfalls etc… Reasonable priced and a large selection to choose from.
Clusters in the 300 to 500 lb. sizes. We have a hundred or so pieces like this or larger on hand. Let's deal. We produce all our own material, so there is no middleman.
In the 1000's of lbs. we have a few really nice pieces available. This is one of our museum grade Phantom Specimens. It is sold with a mobile display. Custom built including a hydraulic lift to angle the viewing perspective. 
Our showroom has a cross section of items available in the higher quality price range, always a good selection. Including rare natural smoky or manganese phantoms and other collectable crystal habits.
Polished and cut minerals in all sizes and shapes really bring out the beauty in rough stones. We will custom fill orders to your requirements. Supply to our many artists who produce jewelry is a consistent and reliable process.
Daily pick-up service by UPS and other common carriers. We aim to please with over 20 years experience. Also, we will shop around for freight charges on larger shipments and procure you the best service and price.
We ship worldwide usually within the week. Always under close supervision, your orders are processed for accuracy. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Email us to make a wholesale appointment, get directions, or to make a reservation.
This page is still under construction. Please, revisit this page again because we plan to add more to our virtual tour in the future.
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