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Wholesale Customers

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Smallest Size (Approx. ¼"-3/8" Diameter)
Clear Tiny (Avg. ¼" L x 1/8" Dia) Approx. 400 pc/lb. $49.00/lb
Clear Medium (Avg. ½" L) Approx. 200 pc/lb $32.00/lb
Clear Large (Avg. 1" L. x 3/8"– ½" Dia) Approx. 100 pc/lb $43.00/lb
Mine Run Mix Unsorted (¼"-1"L x ¼"- ½" Dia)Approx 200pc/lb $28.00/lb

Small-Medium Size (Approx. ½" to ¾" Diameter)
#1 Grade Clear @ some flaws (Avg. 1" L) Approx. 60 pc/lb $31.00/lb
#2 Grade Clear @ milky white base (Avg. 1" L)Approx. 60 pc/lb $25.00/lb
Optical Water Clear (Avg. 1" L) Approx. 60 pc/lb $37.00/lb

Mixed Size
#1 & #2 Grade Clear Mix (Avg ¾" to 1¼" Dia x 1" to 2" L)
10 lb min $22.00/lb
Optical Mix - Water clear (Avg 1 ¼" Dia. X 1" to 2" L) $31.00/lb

Medium Size (Approx. 1"-1¼" Diameter)
#1 Grade Clear @ some flaws (Avg. 2" L) Approx. 12-15 pc/lb $31.00/lb
#2 Grade Clear @ milky white base (Avg. 2" L) 12-15 pc/lb $25.00/lb
#1 Grade Finger Size (Avg. 2" L x ¾"Dia) Approx. 25 pc/lb $49.00/lb

Optical Water Clear (Avg. 2"L) Approx. 12-15 pc/lb. $49.00/lb.

Medium-Large Size (Approx. 1¼" to 1 ½" Diameter)
#1 Grade Clear @ some flaws (Avg 2 ½ -3"L ) Approx. 7-8 pc/lb $39.00/lb
#2 Grade Clear @ milky white base (Avg 2½"-3"L)Approx. 7-8 pc/lb $30.00/lb
#3 Grade Milky White (Avg. 2½"-3" L ) Approx. 7-8 pc/lb $10.00/lb
Optical water clear (Avg. 3"L) Approx. 7-8 pc/lb $61.00/lb

Large Size (Approx. 1½" to 2" Diameter)
#1 Grade Clear @ some flaws (Avg 3½"-4"L ) Approx 3-4 pc./lb $37.00/lb
#2 Grade Clear @ milky white base (Avg 3½"- 4"L)Approx 3-4 pc/lb. $25.00/lb
#3 Grade Milky White (Avg 3½" - 4"L) Approx 3-4 pc/lb $10.00/lb

Extra Large Size
Semi Clear @ inclusions in beefy sizes from 3 lbs each & up $25.00/lb

Commercial Grade Points - 10lb minimum.
Amethyst Points - $7.00/lb
Irradiated Smoky Points - $7.00/lb
Irradiated Smoky Points (New Smaller Mix) 1”-1.5” - $8.00/lb
Quartz Crystal Points - Semi-clear $5.00/lb
Quartz Crystal Points 1”-1.5” $7.00/Lb

JEWELRY POINTS - High quality, natural Quartz Crystal points that are
perfectly suited for jewelry & craft applications – not mounted

Pendant Mix for Wire Wrap (Avg. 1¼" -2"L) (Approx. 80 pc/lb) $76.00/lb
Pendant Mix Thinner (Avg. 1"-1½" L) Approx. 150 pc/lb $99.00/lb
Mine Run Jewelry Mix (Avg. ¾"-1½" L) Approx. 200 pc/lb $61.00/lb

Tons in Stock! Our Award Winning clear crystals with dark black, or white,
or various shades of gray manganese inclusions appearing as an internal crystal,
[from the largest Phantom mine of any quality or quantity in the U.S.A.]
Tabular or D.T. Habit Available

Tiny - ½" L (¼"-3/8" dia.)
#1 Grade $1.50 ea. #2 Grade $1.00ea. #3 Grade $.50ea.
-Approx. 200pcs/lb ($99.00/lb. #1,#2 Mix)

Small-1" (½"-¾" dia.)
#1 Grade $3.00ea. #2 Grade $2.00ea. #3 Grade $1.00ea.
-Approx. 60pcs/lb.($77.00/lb. #1,#2 Mix)

Medium -2" (1"-1¼" dia.)
#1 Grade $6.50/ea., #2 Grade $5.00/ea, #3 Grade $3.00/ea
- Approx 12pc per lb. ($70.00/lb, #1, #2 Mix)

Large-3" (1¼""-1 ½" dia.)
#1 Grade $17-22.00/ea. #2 Grade $11-17.00/ea #3 Grade $7-8.00ea.
-Approx. 4pcs/lb.($66.00/lb. #1,#2 Mix)

Specimen grade - Complete six sided phantoms- CALL FOR PRICE & AVAILABILITY!
Manganese Included: Not complete phantoms $28-44.00/lb
Natural Smoky @ Ghost Phantoms Various grades available in all sizes.
Limited supply from our mines. $11.00 each and up

Jumbo Size Crystals-5lbs each & up Clear-Semi-clear crystals $22.00/lb
Giant Size Crystals-50lb, 150lb & up to 2000lb Priced individually
Chisel Flat termination the width of the crystal sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Cross – Two/or more crystals, sometimes D.T. , bonded in cruciform shape sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Curved - Formed during developmental stage sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Dow All faces are 7 & 3 sided alternately sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Isis 5 sided face, elongated pentagon shape sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Lemurian Single Crystals 1lb assorted “1.5-3in.” $35.00/lb Approx. 20-30 pcs per pound
Penetrator (inner child) 1 or more crystals embedded in larger crystal. sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Rainbow A "bruise" of rainbow colors inside sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Record Keeper Natural etched pyramids appearing on face or side sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Scepter Younger, wider overgrowth cap sitting on top of older crystal sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Time Link An extra face parallelogram sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Transmitter Front triangle face with 7-sided face on either side. Sm $6-$11/ea or Lg. $11-$17/ea
Twinning (castle) Multiple crystals, separate terminations, sharing same "stem" sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Window An extra face diamond shaped sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea
Tabular & Faden Flat instead of round crystal habit, some w/white "string" line sm$6-11/ea, lg$11-17/ea

Enhydro Crystals (Tibet) - Crystals @ water & air filled bubbles, a few @ floating mineral inclusions. Clear & Smokey's available $10.00 ea. and up
Diamontia Laser Crystals (Brazil), sizes 6” & up, $150/lb
Elestial Crystals (Brazil) aka Jacarre Crystals and/or Alligator Quartz. Natural smoky color, surface resembles the scales of an alligator. 1/4lb to 3lbs each $40.00/lb.

Double Terminated (D.T.'S): 6 sided terminations on both ends

Tiny Double Terminated Points – Approx. ¼”-½” long. 700-800 pc per lb - $245.00/lb
#1 Clear with some flaws (1" avg. L slender type) -Approx. 100 pcs/lb. ($149.00/lb.)$1.50/ea.
#1 Clear slender type (1½"-2" avg. L) - Approx. 40pcs/lb.($165.00/lb.) $6.00/ea
#1 Clear with some flaws (1½" -2" avg. L) - Approx. 12-15pcs/lb. ($99.00/lb.) $6.00/ea
#2 Clear with milky white (1½"-2" avg. L.) - Approx. 12-15pc/lb ($80.00) $5.00/each
#1 Clear with some flaws (2½"-3" avg. L) -Approx. 8-10pcs/lb. ($110.00/lb) $13.00/ea
#2 Clear with milky white base (2½"-3" avg. L) -Approx. 8-10pcs/lb. ($77.00/lb.) $9.00/ea
#3 Milky White (2½"-3" avg. L) -Approx. 8-10pcs/lb. ($33.00/lb.) $4.00/ea
Jewelry Size Mix(¼"-1½" avg. L) $125.00/lb

Herkimer-Type D.T.'S: Our "Arkimers" Similar roundish shape & clarity of the lovely "diamonds" of Herkimer, N.Y.
50 plus @ .75 ea (approx. ¼"- ½" dia.) $37.50/bag
20 plus @2.25 ea (approx. ½" - ¾" dia.) $45.00/bag

Cactus Quartz - $38/Lb
Miniature (Approx. 2" dia.) Approx. 10-12pcs/lb $23.00/lb
Sandstone Matrix Clear, short crystals $3.00/lb
Sandstone & Quartz Matrix Clear, medium to large crystals $9.00/lb
Quartz Matrix Milky White, medium to large length crystals $6.00/lb
Quartz Matrix Clear, short crystals, thin matrix $14.00/lb
Quartz Matrix Clear, medium crystals $19.00/lb
Quartz Matrix Clear, long crystals $25.00/lb
Showroom, Grade #1 Our best quality $33.00/lb & up
Select, Grade ¼ lb - 1 lbs. ea $12.00/lb
Decorator Grade #3 Some with large milky white points. Some with smaller clear points on sandstone. 3 lbs. ea & up $6.00/lb

PHANTOM CLUSTERS: Clear with dark black or white or various shades of gray manganese inclusions appearing as an internal crystal. Burrs available, some yin-yang (luna). $28.00-66.00/lb

GIANT SIZE CLUSTERS Clear, White or Phantom up to 2000 lbs each. They are great for museums, schools, interior design, office spaces & landscaping applications. Call for descriptions, pictures, & prices.

LOW END QUARTZ - Due to labor & low cost on items from this section, we require pre-payment on the following items. Additional costs may include bagging labor & packing containers(bags .80/ea & barrels $5.00/ea).
Clear Crushed Crystal (3/8”-3/4” Dia.) 11 LB minimum at $2.50/LB….or 2,000 LBS at $2.25/LB
Clear Crushed Crystal 1"-1½" avg. dia. 11lb min $2.50/lb or 2000lb for $2.25/lb
NEW Item Better Quality, New Size, Very Clear Crystal Gravel 1/2" - 3/4" $3.00/lb

Commercial Grade Smoky Points – Mixed sizes & grades 10lb Min - $7.00/lb.
Mine Run Mix (Avg 1/4" - 3/4" L) - $30/LB
Pendant Mix 1" and up size mix $40.00/lb.
Small-Medium (Avg 1"L x ½" Dia.) Approx. 60pc/lb $17.00/lb
Medium (Avg. 2" L x Approx. 1" Dia) Approx. 10pc/lb. $14.00/lb
Medium-Large (Avg. 3"L x Approx. 1½" Dia.) Approx. 5pc/lb $14.00/lb
Large (Avg. 4"L x Approx. 2" Dia.) Approx 2pc/lb $13.00/lb
New Smaller Mix 1”-1.5” $8.00
Mix (Avg. 1"-2"L x ¾" to 1¼" Dia) $14.00/lb
Extra Large (1lb to 20lbs each size) Imperfect $15.00/lb

Miniature 5 - 7 each per lb $20.00/lb
Medium Grade ½ lb and up $18.00/lb
Showroom Grade #1 $25.00/lb
Select Grade #2 Sizes 1- 4lb each. $13.00/lb
Decorator Grade #3 Sizes of 3lbs each and up. $10.00/lb

COLOR ENHANCED: Our gem quality optical clear quartz crystals are hand selected and then treated with precious metals (as indicated below) to create breath-taking colorful pieces. Used by jewelry makers and sought after by collectors of fine specimens.

PLEASE NOTE: Prices on our Aqua, Celestial and Sunshine Auras have not increased. However, the vendor that processes our Rainbow, Opal and Royal Auras has increased their fees by 50% which we are forced to pass on to our customers.

Aqua Aura (Gold) 18mm Sphere - $7.00/each
Celestial Aura (Indium) 18mm Sphere - $7.00/each
Celestial Aura (Indium) Polished Double Terminated Points $7.00/ea
Opal Aura (Zircon) 18mm Sphere - $8.00/each
Rainbow Aura (Titanium) 18mm Sphere - $8.00/each
Rose Aura (Gold & Silver) 18mm Sphere - $7.00/each
Royal Aura Polished D.T. Point $7.50/each
Aqua Aura (Gold) Polished Double Terminated Points - $7.00/each
Opal Aura (Zircon) Polished Double Terminated Points - $7.50/each
Rainbow Aura (Titanium) Polished Double Terminated Points - $7.50/each
Sunshine Aura (Iron) 18mm Sphere - $7.00/each

Earring Size (¾"-1" L)
Aqua Aura (Gold) translucent light blue $1.50/each & up
Celestial Aura (Indium) electric blue $1.50/each & up
Rose Aura (Gold & Silver) translucent pink $2.25/each & up
Sunshine Aura (Iron) tangerine color $1.50/each & up
Pendant Size (1"-1 ½" L)
Aqua Aura (Gold) translucent light blue $3.00/ea & up or $275.00/lb
Celestial Aura (Indium) translucent electric blue $3.00/ea & up or $275.00/lb
Opal Aura (Zircon) opal on clear $5.00/ea & up
Rainbow Aura (Titanium) vibrant rainbow $4.50/ea & up
Sunshine Aura (Iron) tangerine color $3.00/ea & up or $275.00/lb
Royal Aura (Titanium) blend of blue, purple & gold. $4.50/ea & up
Finger Points & Larger (1 ½"- 3" L)
Aqua Aura (Gold) translucent light blue $6.00/ea & up or $180.00/lb
Celestial Aura (Indium)translucent electric blue $6.00/ea & up or $180.00/lb
Opal Aura (Zircon) opal on clear $9.00/ea & up
Rainbow Aura (Titanium) vibrant rainbow $9.00/ea & up
Sunshine Aura (Iron) tangerine color $6.00/ea & up or $180.00/lb
Royal Aura (Titanium) blend of blue, purple & gold $9.00/ea & up

COLOR ENHANCED SPECIALTY POINTS: Double Terminated, Twin, Tabby, Isis, Etc.
Pendant Size Aqua, Celestial, Sunshine - $7.00/ea & up
Pendant Size Rose $8.00/ea & up
Pendant Size Opal, Rainbow & Royal $8.00/ea & up
Finger Size Please call for availability and pricing

COLOR ENHANCED JEWELRY CLUSTERS (BUTTONS) - These are flat backed clusters with shorter crystals. Excellent for wire wrapping.
Jewelry Buttons Aqua & Sunshine Auras $6.00/ea & up or $290.00/lb - 1/2 LB minimum
Jewelry Buttons Rainbow, Rose & Royal Auras $7.00/ea & up or $385.00/lb - 1/2 LB minimum
Jewelry Buttons Opal $8.00-$14.00/each (by the piece only)
NEW Rainbow, Royal, Opal Druze – fine crystals, smooth on edges, super color and sparkle, ¾” and up, $8.00-$15.00/each
Also available are Natural Amethyst Jewelry Buttons - Very dark purple $6.00/each & up

COLOR ENHANCED SPECIMEN CLUSTERS These pieces have crystals that are taller and are considered display specimens.
Smaller Size Clusters of ½" to 1½" size
Aqua Aura (Gold) translucent light blue $3.60/ea & up or $220.00/lb
Celestial Aura (Indium) translucent electric blue $3.60/ea & up or $220.00/lb
Opal Aura (Zircon) opal on clear $6.00/ea & up or $325.00/lb
Rainbow Aura (Titanium)vibrant rainbow $5.40/ea & up or $300.00/lb
Sunshine Aura (Iron) tangerine color $3.60/ea & up or $220.00/lb
Royal Aura (Titanium) blend of blue, purple & gold $5.40/ea & up or $300.00/lb

Larger Size Clusters of 1½" size and larger
Aqua Aura (Gold) translucent light blue $175.00/lb
Celestial Aura (Indium) translucent electric blue $175.00/lb
Opal Aura (Zircon) opal on clear $325.00/lb
Rainbow Aura (Titanium)vibrant rainbow $300.00/lb
Sunshine Aura (Iron) tangerine color $175.00/lb
Royal Aura (Titanium) blend of blue, purple & gold $300.00/lb

Amethyst (Bolivia), polished tops, natural sides, flat cut bottom so they stand up, .15 lb- .75 lb sizes, extra nice dark color, $25/LB
Amethyst Standing Top Polished Points (Maraba) 7 to 20lb each sizes
Dark Color $17.00/lb
(Bahia) 4 to 15lb each sizes Medium Color $12.00/lb

Amethyst Single Points (with root intact):
Brazilian Amethyst Points Small 1" - 1½" size for $12.00/lb.
Dark Color range in size from 1½" up $14.00/lb.
Medium Color range in size 1½" up $11.00/lb.

Amethyst Clusters
Amethyst – Thin base clusters Medium Color (Approx. 2-5 pcs/lb) $7.00/lb or 10 lbs at $6.00/lb
Amethyst Plates- Large Sizes, 6”-12”, Dark Color $9/LB
Amethyst Geode Heads - Natural edged, (not polished) opened geodes full of sparkling crystals,
….Extra Dark Quality .5 lb – 6 lb sizes - $15.00/lb
….Dark Color 10 lb sizes and up - $10.00/lb
….Medium Color 10 lb sizes and up - $6.00/lb
….Light Color 10 lb sizes and up - $4.00/lb
NEW Thick Base Amethyst Good Color $6.00 a pound

AMETHYST CATHEDRALS: Tall crystal filled geodes, cut in half @ polished face & stand upright. Sizes range 10 to 175lbs/ea. and heights of 10" to 56". Some Pairs are available - call for details
Dark Color-$13.00/lb
Medium Color-$7.80/lb
Medium/Dark Color $10.40/lb
Light Color- $5.20/lb

URUGUAYAN AMETHYST CLUSTERS Best Quality Available- deepest purple color. Smaller size crystals on clusters. 1pc-10pcs per lb. $14.00/lb

URUGUAYAN AMETHYST SINGLE POINTS WITH ROOT INTACT High grade with very dark color. Smaller size points range ½" to 1" long - approx. 80pcs per lb. - $16.00/lb
Uruguayan Amethyst Jewelry Buttons - Small, flat-backed clusters avg 1" diameter, 12 for $60.00.

CANADIAN AMETHYST Diamond Willow Mine, Thunder Bay, Ontario
Jewelry Buttons Domed light to dark purple, some sawed smooth on back ½"-1½" dia. $1.00-5.00/ea
Specimen Grade Shades of purple & a few different colors-oranges, reds, blacks 2"-4"dia. $5-20.00/ea

CITRINE (Brazil) from Rio Grande Do Sul and heat treated. - 1lb. minimum.
Single Points @ root intact. Sizes: under 1”, 1”-2” and 2” to 4” $15.00/lb

Citrine Cathedrals - variety of sizes available with great color 20 to 50lbs. Price is $11.00/lb
We also have a few jumbo size available - call for details.

Citrine Clusters Extra quality, Great golden color 2"-4" sizes $15.00/lb and 4”-8” sizes $12.00/lb

Citrine Clusters - 2"-5" avg. L, $8.50/lb, or by the case (44 lbs.) $7.50/lb

Citrine natural rough, ¾"-1 ¼" Diameter $8/LB

Rose Quartz Rough (Brazil) Sizes 15 lb up to 30 lb size $3.00/lb
Rose Quartz Rough (Madagascar) Gemmy quality with good pink color in smaller sizes approx. .2lb up to approx. 5lbs each. $4.00/lb.

Man made glass in large sizes of 50 lbs. each and less. Large range of vibrant colors. Some are translucent, some opaque. Sold as a mix, no grading or sorting available at $2.50/lb

Pendants: Wire Wrapped D.T. Polished Points: Amethyst and Rose or Clear Crystal Points 10 for $25.00 or 25+ for $2.00/each
Earrings: Wire Wrapped D.T. Points: Amethyst, Rose or Clear Quartz Crystal $4.00/pair
Pendants: Wire Wrapped Arrowhead- Clear Quartz Crystal. - 10 for $25.00 or 25+ for $2.00/each

24” gold serpentine style or silver link style (not sterling silver) – 10 for $7.00
Natural Single Points Pendants:
Clear Quartz Crystal Points: $12.00/each (earrings $20.00/pair)
Pink Tourmaline Crystal Points $20.00/each
Wire Wrapped Clear Double Terminated Quartz Crystals for $14.00/each
Wire Wrapped Phantom Points for $18.00/each
Jewelry Cluster Pendants:
Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster: $15.00/each
Wire Wrapped Amethyst Clusters $15.00/each
Aura Crystal Pendants:
Created by bonding Quartz with other natural elements such as gold, silver, titanium…
Natural Aura Points (aqua, rose, celestial, sunshine) $12.50/each
Natural Aura Points (rainbow, royal & opal): $14.50/each
Polished Double Terminated Aura Points (aqua, rose, celestial, sunshine) $15.50/ea
Polished Double Terminated Aura Points (rainbow, royal & opal) $17.50/each
Aura Clusters (aqua, rose, celestial, sunshine) $17.50/ea
Aura Clusters (rainbow, royal & opal) $20.50/each

Average Stone cm .75-1mm
Your choice of the following for $2.00/each or 20+ for $1.50/each:
Amazonite, Amethyst, Aventurine, Black Stone, Blue Stone, Carnelian, Cherry Quartz, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Goldstone, Howlite, Mixed Stone, Mookite, Moonstone, Picture Jasper, Rose Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite, Tiger Eye
Average Stone Dia. 1-1.5mm
Your choice of the following for $3.50/each or 20+ for $2.80/each:
Amazonite, Amethyst, Aventurine, Black Stone, Bloodstone, Blue Goldstone, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Goldstone, Hematite, Leopard Skin Jasper, Mookite, Multi Stone, Picture Jasper, Rose Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian, Sodalite, Tiger Eye, Unakite
CHIP BEAD NECKLACES: 34” Precious/Semi Precious tumbled gemstone chip beads
Your Choice of following for $4.00 each:
Amethyst, Aventurine, Blue Goldstone, Carnelian, Cherry Quartz, Clear Quartz, Goldstone, Hematite, Jade, Onyx, Rainbow Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Unakite
Your Choice of following for $5.00 each:
Garnet, Labradorite, Malachite, Prehnite
Your Choice of following for $6.00 each:
Citrine, Lapis, 3-colored Moonstone, Rainbow Moonstone, Peridot
GEMSTONE BEADS Temporarily strung strands ranging about 14" to 16" long
Cultured White Pearl Beads 8mm $10.00/ea, or approx. 10mm $11.00/ea
Hematite Choker Necklaces, metallic silver round beads, assorted styles - $3.00/each
Tiger Eye Faceted Beads with great gold flash: Choose either the flat oval or the large freeform nuggets for $15.00/each
Turquoise Chip Beads from China 16" long for $8.00/each


Agate Bookends - $4.50/lb or $4.00/lb for 55lb case - available in Teal, Red, Purple, Pink, Blue, Natural and Mixed Colors.
Agate Slabs on Wooden Stands Various natural colors brown, tan, black, rust & blues - translucent (sizes vary from 12" x 10" to 10.5" x 7.5") $25.00 lb.
Agate Slabs - Thin polished slabs in assorted natural & dyed colors
   Giant (8" and Up) - $18.00/LB
   Small/Medium (3" - 7") - $18.00/LB
   1” Size – $0.95/each
   2” Size - $1.05/each
   2.5”-3” Size - $1.25/each
Angels, Pocket Angels 1" - 1½" cut & polished Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst - $3.00/ea
Angels - Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz Crystal hand carved into high quality, standing winged angels size 2¾" to 4" size range $80.00/lb
Arrowheads - Obsidian arrowheads. 1" size $0.50/Each, 1.5" - 2" size $0.95/Each, 2" - 3" size $3.00/Each
Key chains Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz Crystal Points or Agate Geode $1.80/ea
Key chains 2" to 4" Agate Slab type $1.80 each
Carnelian Large fully polished Palm Stones 2"-4" $18.00/lb
Golden Calcite Cubes, great color, assorted sizes approx. 2”-5”, $35.00/LB
Labradorite, fully polished palm size pieces, Approx. 6-7pc/lb $25.00/lb
Labradorite Slabs - thin slices, polished on one side. 2"-4½". 4-10 pc/lb $15.00/lb
Labradorite Slabs – thin slices, polished on both sides, $20.00/LB
Labradorite (Madagascar) - Fully polished standing sculptures. Flashes of gold and blue colors. Sizes range from 2-25 lbs each. $25.00/lb
Large Quartz Skulls $300-$1,000/each *call for availability*
Magic Eggs - Manmade, Opalite resembles a pale opal. 1½"W X 2" L. $17.00 per dozen
Malachite Eggs, 1 ¼” -2” L, $80.00/lb
Malachite Nodules - 3" diameter and up. Top polished green varigated, color banding with shades of green. Some have eyes. $30.00/lb
Oco Geodes (Brazil) – crystal lined, cut in half and polished.
   Sm. Singles - approx. 45pcs/1/2 flat, 1”-2”, $33
   Sm. Pairs – approx. 45pcs/1/2 flat, 1”-2”, $40
   Med. Singles – approx. 45-55pcs/1/2 flat, 1.5”-2.5”, $33
   Med. Pairs – approx. 45-55pcs/1/2 flat, 1.5”-2.5”, $40
   Lg. Singles – approx. 30pcs/1/2 flat, 1.5”-2.5”, $33
   Lg. Pairs – approx. 30pcs/1/2 flat, 2”-3”, $40
Oco Geodes – Slices crystallized openings in all pieces, polished on both sides (Sold as mix only)
   Small 20 each for $21.00
   Large 20 each for $31.00
Opal Jars, Mexican Fire Opals, vibrant rainbow flashes, $30/jar
Pendulums - Available in Amethyst, Aventurine, Bloodstone, Calcite, Hematite, Clear Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz, & Sodalite $4.00/ea
….Pendulum, Carnelian $4.50/ea
….Pendulum, Faceted Clear Quartz (round or pear shape) $4.00/ea
….Pendulum, Smoky Quartz $4.00/ea
….Pendulum, Tiger Eye $5.00/ea
Polychrome Jasper fully polished Large Palm Stones 2"-4" $18.00/lb
Rainbow Petrified Wood, fully polished, with bark, beautiful red, brown, tan and green colors, thin, 8" - 16" diameters $14.00/lb
Rose Quartz fully polished Large Palm Stones 2" - 4" $25.00/LB
Skulls, Gemstone Undrilled 1” Variety of Gemstones, Sold As An Assortment Only, $4.00/each
Skulls, Gemstone Drilled 1" Variety of gemstones. Sold assorted only $4.75/ea
"Seer Stones" (Brazil) Naturally tumbled in the Ema River & have a "window" cut/polished to see into them. Clear quartz, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz or Amethyst. 6-10pc/lb. $14.00/lb
Whetstone (Novaculite) from Arkansas - Flat rectangular stones used to sharpen knives, Small $0.50/Each, Medium $2.00/Each, Large $4.00/Each
Windchimes - Dyed & Natural Agate in assorted styles:
Moon/Stars – 5 pc - $15.00/ea OR 7 pc - $18.00/ea
Windchimes- Dyed & Natural Agate Slab - 5pc - $11.00
Windchimes - Dyed & Natural Agate Slab - 7pc - $13
NEW - all three of the following are sold "as a mix" in lots of 10 assorted gemstones:
Wish Stones - Concave on one side/ Word on the other side 10 for $24.00
Word Stones - Smooth on both sides with word 10 for $21.50
Worry Stones - Concave on one side 10 for $19.00

CANDLE HOLDERS AND GEMSTONE LAMPS - Candle Holders come with replaceable tea light candle. Lamps come with cord and bulb.
Amethyst Crystal candle holder - $24.00/ea
Clear Quartz Crystal candle holder - $20.50/ea
Red Selenite Spiral Candle Holders - $9.00/Each
Red Tower Straight Sides - $8.00 Each
Red Tower Tapered Sides - $9.00 Each
Rose Quartz candle holder - $10.00/ea
Selenite candle holder (shiny white) - $8.00/ea
Selenite Skyscraper Lamps – 10" for $25.00, 12" for $30.00, 14" for $50.00, 16" for $55.00
White Selenite Heart Candle Holders - $9.00/Each
White Selenite Tower Candle Holders - $8.00/Each
White Selenite, Tapered Sides -$9.00 Each
Yin & Yang, Red and White -$12.00 Each

MASSAGE TOOLS WANDS AND DOUBLE TERMINATED POINTS - Wands 1 pointed tip, 1 rounded tip Double Terminated (D.T.) 2 pointed tips
Amethyst Double Terminated Wands, very dark color, 2”-5”L, $120/LB
Amethyst Massage Wand (Brazil) 3"-7" long $12/ea & up $120.00/lb
NEW Clear Quartz (Very Clear)-$100.00
Clear Quartz Crystal Massage Wands (Brazil) Clear some with rainbows 5/8" dia. 5"-6"L. $10.00 to $20.00 each- $90.00/lb
NEW Clear Quartz Double Terminated Wands, high polish/very clear $100/LB ($10/each + up)
Rainbow Fluorite, A-Grade, round bottom & pointed top, 2.75”-3”, $8/each
Rainbow Fluorite (China) Massage tools - round bottom, pointed top ½" dia. by approx. 2 ½"long $3.50 each in packs of 10.
Rainbow Fluorite Double Terminated Wands 3”-$12.00 Each
NEW Rose Quartz Double Terminated Deep Color) Approx: 1.5”-3” $80.00/lb
Rose Quartz Massage Wands (Brazil) 3"-8" long. $8/ea & up $80.00/lb
Ruby in Zoisite Wands: pink crystal in green matrix 3"-5" $8.00/ea
Selenite Spiral Wands $3.50/Each
Selenite Wands, shiny white with flash, Approx. 5.5" - 6.5"L, $3.00/Each
Smoky Quartz Crystal Wand – Natural @ Great Color 5" up sizes $90.00/lb
Smoky Quartz D.T.'s (Brazil) Natural, good color, quality 5"-9"l $70.00/lb

All are natural semi-precious gemstones that have been cut & polished into free standing form, creating a beautiful display specimen. Up to 12" high sizes available- please inquire.
Amethyst (Bolivia), polished tops, natural sides, flat cut bottom so they stand up, .15 lb- .75 lb sizes, extra nice dark color, $25/LB
Bolivian Amethyst: Top Polished Natural Sides ½ Lbs each and up, $25/LB
Citrine – Beautiful Natural pale to deep yellow Sizes 2” up to 5” $180/lb
Clear Quartz Crystal, Best Quality – Optical, 1.5”-3”, $70/LB
Clear Quartz Crystal Large Size, high polish, 5” high and up, $80/LB
Clear Quartz Crystal: Nice and clear, some with rainbows/feathering 2"-3" high. 3 - 6 pc per lb. $40.00/lb
Clear Quartz Crystal: Optical Grade, Our Best Quality Approx. 2-3”H $80.00/LB
Phantom Quartz: Great Quality, White Phantoms, approx. 1.5”-3”H, $90/LB
Rainbow Fluorite, deep rich color, 3” $9.00/each
Rainbow Fluorite (Small) Approx 2"h x ¾"dia $4.00/ea
Rose Quartz Large Free form stones 2”-4” $25.00/lb
Rose Quartz Standing Polished Points: Small. Gemmy pink color, translucent 1-4"h x 1"-2"w $35.00/lb
Rose Quartz Standing Polished Points A Grade $60.00/lb Large Deep Pink (5”-7”H x 2.5” -3W)
Rose Quartz Standing Polished Points B Grade -$40.00/lb Large Very Pink (6”-7”H x 2.5”-3”W)
Rose Quartz Standing Polished Points A Grade $60.00/lb
Rose Quartz Standing Polished Points B Grade $40.00/lb
Rutilated Quartz(clear/smoky) Small Silver or gold Rutile inclusions Approx 1"-1½" $150.00/lb
Smoky Quartz: Smaller size, good color 1½"-3"high Approx. 3 to 8 pc. per lb. $45.00/lb
Smoky Quartz Large @ good color Translucent 5"-14"h $40.00 to $60.00/lb
Also Rose Quartz "Flames" Graceful arching twist carved into the standing point to resemble a flame, gemmy deep pink - translucent. 3" to 5" high x 2 "-3" wide. 1/4lb ea & up $70.00/lb
Tiger Eye 3.5”-4” $12.00 each

Amethyst Pyramids (Brazil) Deep Purple Color 1" - 3"square $120.00/lb
Clear Quartz Pyramids (Brazil) Optical quality 1½" - 2½"sq. $120.00/lb.
(approx. $10.00 to $35.00 each)
Rose Quartz Pyramids- Good Quality @ nice pink color 1½" - 3" size. $120.00/lb. ($10.00-$50.00 each)

Carnelian(25 mm)-$3.00 each
Clear Quartz Crystal (30mm) $3.00
Clear Quartz Crystal Hearts - Puffy style 1½" $5.70/ea
Drilled Hearts - 1" size in assorted stones, ready for stringing @ hole drill from side to side. $2.00/ea
Gemstone Hearts - Small puffy types in assorted stones: Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Mookite, Clear Quartz, Sodalite, Goldstone, Agate, Jasper, Adventurine, Snowflake Obsidian, and Bloodstoned. 1 ¼" dia. - $2.50/ea
Lapis (25mm)$3.50 each
Puffy Tiger Eye Hearts, 1.25” Dia., $3.00/each
NEW Rose Quartz Hearts Large & Gemmy quality 2”-4” for $30.00/lb
Rose Quartz Puffy Hearts 45mm $4.60/ea
Rainbow Fluorite Hearts (China) Best Quality 2" dia. To 3" dia. appox. $13.00/ea. to $16.00/ea. - $45.00/lb.
Rainbow Fluorite Hearts - 30mm size with vivid color $3.00/each
Rainbow Fluorite Hearts, 2” Dia., flat and very colorful, $5.00/each
Selenite Hearts: Large puffy style 2¼"-2½" $5.50/ea
Selenite Hearts 30mm $1.90 each
NEW Small High Grade Rose Quartz Hearts 1”-1.5” very gemmy $2.50/Each
Tiger Eye (25mm)-$3.00 each

Amethyst Spheres (Brazil) A Grade good quality 1½"to 2"dia. $80.00/lb
Aqua Aura Spheres Small (treated) 18mm(AA)=$7.00/ea
Bloodstone assorted sizes $60/LB
Calcite Spheres, golden color, 1.25”-1.5” sizes, $6.00/each
Calcite Spheres Orange great color 2½" - 4" diameter $30.00/lb
Calcite Spheres Pastel green, yellow & honey colors 2½" & up $25.00/lb.
Chrysocolla Spheres Beautiful blue & green blend in assort. sizes $70.00/lb
Clear Quartz Spheres (Brazil) B Grade good quality avg. finish $50.00/lb
Clear Quartz Spheres (Madagascar) A grade. 2-6 dia. $50.00-$80.00/lb.
Clear Quartz Spheres Small (China) Optical Water Clear 18mm=$2.76/ea
Hematite Spheres Shiny metallic silver color 40mm size $9.00/ea
Hematite Spheres Shiny metallic silver color 50mm size $18.00 ea
Labradorite Spheres 40mm $8.00/ea
Labradorite Spheres 50mm Good Flash, B Grade Finish $13.00/ea
Labradorite Spheres: hand polished, good color flash 2"-3½" dia $35.00/lb
Malachite Spheres - Light and dark shades of brilliant greens. $80.00/lb
Onyx Spheres – Black 8mm =12 cents/ea
Opal Aura Spheres 18mm size $8.00/ea
Pyrite Spheres - Gleaming gold metallic mineral (aka Fools Gold) 1½" and up sizes $45.00/lb
Rainbow Aura Spheres 3D style (½ clear quartz ½ rainbow) 18mm $8.00/each
Rainbow Fluorite A-Grade - assorted sizes 1" - 2", $35/LB
Rainbow Obsidian Spheres (Mexico) Purple/green bulls-eyes 2"- 5"$27.00/lb
Rose Quartz Spheres 40mm $6.50/ea or 50mm $13.00/ea
Rose Quartz Spheres (Brazil) B Grade good quality - 2½" dia. $25.00/lb
Rose Quartz Spheres 50mm -$10.00/each
Rose Quartz Spheres - Excellent quality $30.00/lb
Selenite Sphere 2.25”-2.5” -$5.00 each
Selenite Sphere 2.75”-3.5” -$8.00 each
Selenite Spheres, shiny white with flash, 1 ¼” -1 ½” size - $1.50/each, 1 ¾ “– 2” size - $3.00/each, (Some larger sizes available)
Snowflake Obsidian Spheres-Nice white flake patterns. 50mm $11.00/ea
Sodalite Spheres 50mm Blue with white/black streaks $12.00/ea
Tiger Eye Sphere 40mm $11.00/ea
Tiger Iron Spheres Golden brown tones 50mm $13.00/ea
NEW Tiger Eye Spheres, great flash assorted sizes 1”-2”, $65.00/LB

Amethyst (avg. 1" - 1½") 11lb bag for $49.50
Madagascar Mix Assortment (avg. 1" - 1½") 11lb bag for $31.90
Rose Quartz (avg. 1" - 1½") 11 lb bag for $31.90
Sodalite (avg. 1" - 1½") 1l lb bag for $39.60

Amazonite (Brazil) Green Available in 2" to 5" sizes $20.00/lb
Barite Roses(Oklahoma) 1"-2" dia Dark red well-formed rosettes, $4.00/lb.
Beryl (Aquamarine) Rough: Large 1 to 50 lb each sizes, white to pale aqua color $6.00/lb
Calcite, Blue (Mexico) Large pieces, pretty light blue color $4.50/lb.
Calcite, Optical Spar - Double Refractory Cubes $15.00/lb
Calcite, Emerald (Mexico) Lovely emerald green color $5.50/lb
Calcite, Yellow (Mexico) Nice color, large pieces. $5.00/lb
Calcite, Yellow (Mexico) Extra Gemmy Quality $7.50/lb limited quantity
Carborundum (France) Furnace burn-off castings, like a rainbow on black. brittle. 2-4 pcs/lb $13.00/lb – some large pieces available
Catlinite (Minnesota) American-Indian pipe carving material $6.50/lb
Celestite: Beautiful blue crystal clusters from Madagascar in three grades:
……Clusters ½-3LB Size Mix - $8.00/LB or by the 33 LB case for $7.50/LB
……Deco Grade - Large display specimens (10-30 LB sizes) $12.00/LB
……High Grade - Specimens ½ LB and up sizes for $18.00/LB
Chalcopyrite (Mexico) Peacock Copper Brightest colors $11.00/lb or avg. color $6.00/lb
Copper Nuggets (Michigan) In natural state as delicate sculpture in approx. ¼ to 2 lb each sizes. $16.00/lb
Chrysanthemum Stones (China)flower formation on matrix 2"-4" s $7.00/each
Chrysanthemum Stone Sculptures (China)Large decorative Specimens @ custom wooden stand. Sizes 11" to 20" high & range from $150.00-$450.00
Dipotase Specimens - Emerald Green Crystals on Matrix $12.00-$20.00/Each
Druze from Missouri - beautiful tan crystal druze on thin matrix $7.00/lb, some smaller, flatter jewelry pieces $20.00/lb
Fluorite, Green Rough - Large pieces of gemmy green, 5lbs & up $5.50/lb
Fluorite Octahedron Crystals (¼"-1" mix size & colors) Approx 60-65pcs $35.00/box
Fluorite Octahedrons - Mix of blue/purple/green colors. Sizes range from ½" up to 1½".
.Tiny $.75/ea, Sm. $1.60/ea, Med.$2.90/ea
Fushite (Brazil) Sparkly green 3" to 10" sizes $6.00/lb
Galena (Missouri) Shiny silver finish. Tends to be cubic, but not always.1" and up sizes. $8.00/lb
Geodes (Trancas) Whole from Mexico - light weight, 2" to 4" size $6.00/lb
Halite - bright green well formed specimens. Sold by the piece from $40.00/ea to $400.00/ea please call for details
Kyanite Blades, Black Fan shaped crystal formation $18.00/lb
Kyanite Blades: A Grade 2"-4" long, thin blue crystals $25.00/lb
Kyanite Blades: B Grade ½-lb to 2-lb ea size blue crystal cluster in matrix $15.00/lb
Kyanite Small blue jewelry size ¼"-2" mix. $16.00 for a 2.2-lb bag
Kyanite Blade Cluster Specimens – Large Blue 15-20 lb Deco sizes $7.00/lb
Labradorite Rough (Madagascar) 1”-2” Sizes, $7.00/LB
Lepidolite Book Mica (Brazil) Layered shiny purple sheets, 3"-5" pcs $5.00/lb
Magnetite Natural magnetic mineral kids love it. 1 to 2 sizes $4.00/lb
Obsidian is natural volcanic glass available in many types as follows:
...Obsidian, Black - Shiny black in large pieces 5lbs each and up $4.50/lb
...Obsidian, Mahogany Dark reddish brown & black $4.00/lb
Peridot (Arizona) [1/2 lb min. Small olivine in lime green color $30.00/lb
Petrified Wood, Rainbow (Arizona)- Some pieces have the bark on them, very colorful. Sizes range from 2"-7" pieces $4.50/LB
Pyrite Pcs. (Peru) glimmering "gold" nuggets - $4.00/lb or 50 lbs @ $3.00/lb.
Pyrite Specimens (Peru) Beautiful Cubic formation of glimmering gold. Sizes from 4" to big 12" display specimens. $19.00/lb
Rainbow fluorite good color .75”-1” 11lbs for $44.00
Selenite Books (Arizona) Ice clear sheets 1" plus thick in sizes up to 2 foot across $7.00/lb
Selenite, Fishtail Specimens High grade specimens 1lb ea & up $14.00/lb
Selenite Roses (Mexico) Approx. 1" - 2" dia. Delicate beige @ white edged crystalline roses. Some multiples. $6.00/lb
Selenite Rose Clusters - Beautiful hand picked specimens 15 lbs. each & up $6.00/lb
Selenite Sword (Africa) Approx. 12-18" long. Shiny, clear to opaque crystals. $5.00/lb
Sodalite - Nice blue color with white veining in approx. 4" to 6" sizes $4.50/lb
Tektites (China) Formed from meteorite impacts with Earth. Sold as a mix of classic splash form shapes. $40.00/lb mix only
Tourmaline, Black (Schorl) Available in four grades:
…….Large Single Crystals - excellent quality 1 ½ lbs each & up $12.50/lb
.........Smaller Terminated Single Crystals - Avg. .5"-1" long x 1"dia. $25.00/lb
…….Rough Mix - By the pound only, Mix of sizes - available in 2 grades:
…….B Grade Rough with less crystallized pieces $8.00/lb
Tourmaline, pink & greens in Quartz Matrix@ Mica 3" to 5" sizes $10.00/lb
Wavelite (Arkansas) Unique-green nodules on gray/black matrix $8.00/lb
Zeolite Specimens - a variety of colors and sizes in stock, $20.00/Each and Up

We use these same stones to supply our Gemstone Sluice area for the tourists. Create your own mine tailings (All of the following are sold in mix of sizes only)
Amethyst (Africa) Mine run mix $5/lb
Aquamarine – A Grade, very gemmy blue, $30.00/LB
Aquamarine – B Grade, mine run mix with good color $12.00/lb
Clear Quartz Faceting Material, small sizes up to 1.5” Dia., $10.00/LB
Emerald (Brazil) Asst size mix - $16.00/lb
Garnet (S. Africa), small rough high quality chips, Approx. ¼”- ½” size - $10/LB
Garnet Crystals Dark red single crystals appox. ¾”-1¼”dia $25.00/lb
Labradorite Rough approx 1” to 1½” for $7.00/lb
Opal Bottles - High grade bottles of Mexican Opal rough with great color $30.00/bottle
Opal (Mexico) In sandstone matrix $12.00/lb
Peridot (Arizona) good green color - $30.00/lb
Quartz Crystal Facet Grade Cutting rough - Mix of sizes $7.00/lb
Ruby ½” to 1½” mix rough $16.00/lb
Sapphire - Assorted Sizes - $15.00/lb
Topaz (Nigeria) - Assorted sizes & colors. $15.00/lb
Tourmaline Crystals, Pink – Assorted sizes only ½" to 1½", 1.7oz for $25.00

Ammonite Sculptures Beautiful polished, free-standing, 3-dimensional specimens Large Deco sizes 15" to 26" high. Priced $150.00 to $300.00/each
Ammonite Natural Single Specimens Large 8" to 24" $69.00 to $400.00/each
Ammonite Singles Fully polished, earth-tones Approx. 2"-4" dia. Sm. $7.00/ea, Med $9.00/ea
Ammonite Pendants, Natural fossil is drilled $3.00/ea.
Ammonite (Madagascar) Singles Natural unpolished, creamy white color 1”-$2.00 each, 1.5”-$4.00 each, 2"-3" $6.00/each
Knightia Fish (Wyoming) 1 fish (2" to 4" l ) per limestone plate. 50+million years old $18.00/ea
Mesosaurus Jaws - each plate has both upper & lower jaw pieces 4" to 6" size for $28.00/ea
Opalized Ammonites - White and Brown 1”-2” $40.00/Lb
Orthocerus Multi Piece Specimen Plates tones of gray, black & white $15.00/ea, $25.00/ea, $35.00/ea and also available in very large deco specimens in the $200.00 - $400.00 range
Drilled Polished Orthocerus Pendants, white fossil on tapered black limestone, $2.20/each
Orthocerus Single Fossils, white fossil on black tapered limestone, 2” size - $2.00/each, 3” size - $3.00/each
Scallop Shells (Arizona) in sandstone matrix. Mixed sizes lb. & up. $1.50/lb. or 50lbs @ $1.00/lb.
Sharks Teeth- Carcarodon Megalodon, from sharks 80' plus. 75% Complete. sold as a mix only. 1½" to 4"dia. for $45.00/lb
Trilobite Mini Singles ½" to 1½" black trilobite on gray matrix. Sm.$7.00/ea, Med. $9.00/ea
Trilobites (Andalusia) Unpolished & large single 5" to 9"size on limestone $35.00 each
Trilobite Specimens (Morocco) Excellent Detail. Large black single fossil fully exposed and sitting atop a gray matrix of limestone. on a gray matrix. avg. about 5" overall size $35.00/each.
Trilobites, Unpolished Natural Single - No Matrix. $4.00/each.
Large display specimens in stock up to 36" across.

TREASURE CHEST Irresistible Pine Chest filed with wide assortment of minerals & tumbled stones. Customers love filling the velour bags with their favorite stones. There is a one-time charge for the wooden chest and refills can be purchased as needed. Suggested retail price: Small bag $3.00 each & Large bag $7.00 each. Suggested retail price yields approximate 200% profit.
Start up kit for the Treasure Chest is $199.50 & includes all of the following:

Additional/Refill price
1 ea. Wooden Treasure Chest - $39.00/ea.
11 lbs. Tumbled Stones Mix - $4.50/lb.
2 lbs. Pyrite - $4.00/lb.
2 lbs. Galena - $8.00/lb.
1 lb Peacock Copper - $8.00/LB.
4 lbs. Assortment of Crystals - $7.00/lb.
(Smokey & Clear Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, and Black Tourmaline)
4 doz. 2"x 3" velour draw string bags $6.00/doz. (variety of colors)
4 doz. 3" x 4" velour draw string bags $8.00/doz. (variety of colors)

These are available in Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Carnelian, and Bloodstone approx. ¼" $5.00/lb. – 1 lb min per color
Garnet - $7.50/LB

Abalone - (1-2" Sizes) $36.00/lb
Agates, Dyed - Mixed bright colors $6/LB or 11 lb bag for $5.50/LB
All Natural Stones Mix - Great assortment. $5.50/lb or 11lb bag for $4.50/lb
Amazonite (Madagascar) Greenish-light blue $20.00/lb
Amethyst (Brazil) Light color purple $8.00/lb
Amethyst (Brazil) Med. color purple $13.00/lb
Amethyst (Brazil) Dark color- rich purple $19.00/lb
Andalusite - Dusty Rose color with dark gray cross pattern $26.00/lb
Angelite- faded blue jean color $25.00/lb
Apache Tears - Black. Translucent Small $18.00/lb
Apatite B grade $25.00/lb
Apatite (Madagascar) Deep Blue $18/lb
Aquamarine (Brazil)[1/2 lb minimum] Opaque aqua blue $44.00/lb
Aragonite- bright robin egg blue color $30.00/lb
Aventurine (Brazil) Dark green mica flakes in quartz $7.00/lb
Aventurine (Africa) Light green sparkly flecks. $9.00/lb
Bloodstone (India) Dark green with red patches $12.00/lb
Blue Lace Agate-$25/lb
Botswana Agate (Africa) Pink swirls on gray $10.00/lb
Calcite, Mexico Orange - $14.00/lb
Carnelian (Africa) Light to dark red/orange $7.00/lb
Chalcedony, blue hue & earth tones $11.00/lb
Chalcopyrite Shiny gold metallic A Grade $38.00/lb
Chrysocolla (Peru) Hand polished - dark blue & green [1/2 lb min] $55.00/lb
Chrysoprase A grade Nice gemmy grade with good color $48.00/lb
Chrysoprase B grade Rich color @ some brown matrix (Australia) $38.00/lb
Citrine (Brazil) Dark honey color, B grade $9.00/lb
Citrine (Brazil) Yellow color, A grade $19.00/lb
Clear Quartz 10 pound bag for $55.00
Clear Quartz Crystal Transparent, colorless $8.00/lb
Copal Amber, translucent golden yellow, $40/LB
Copper - natural copper tumbled into penny size/shape $28.00/lb
Crazy Lace Agate (Mexico) Natural - earth tones lace look $10.00/lb
Dumortierite - Blue and gray color shades. $15.00/lb
Emerald - Nice grade $50.00/lb
Garnet - Deep red color in aver. ½" size $22.00/lb
Garnet A-Grade, Gemmy Red, $35.00/LB
Green Moss Agate – Nice polish $12.00/lb
Hematite (Brazil) Heavy - silver gray metallic $7.00/lb
Jade- Nephrite (Canada) Deep green $25.00/lb
Jasper, Gold (Madagascar) Solid yellow with burgundy to rust patches $10.00/lb
Jasper, Red (Brazil) Dark red, brown color $9.00/lb
Jet - Very light weight. Shiny Black $30.00/lb
Kambala Jasper $16/lb
Labradorite (Madagascar) Hand Polished - flashes of rainbows [1/2 lb minimum] $25.00/lb
Lapis (Afghanistan) Royal blue @ specks of pyrite (1/2 lb min) $45.00/lb
Leopard Skin Jasper (Mexico) Spots like a leopard in earth tones $9.00/lb
Lepidolite, lavender tones, $15.00/LB
Mahogany Obsidian (Mexico) Reddish brown spots on brown $10.00/lb
Malachite (Africa) Famous green swirled, A+ grade $32.00/lb
Mookite - (Australia) Wide bands of bright colors. Red, maroon, white, yellow, & some brown.$15.00/lb
Moonstone (India) Translucent pink blue gray $13.00/lb
Natural Tumble Stone Colorful Mix Large 1.5”-2” Dia.-$4.00/lb @ 11/lb Bag for $44.00 or $3.00/lb @ 44/lb Bag for $132.00
Tumbled Stones Mix-Natural mixed colors in Red, Brown, Green, Blue, Gray, Marbled, Beautiful mix of natural colors:
2 Sizes ½”-1¼” or 1¼”-1 ¾” – Sold by 10 lb Bag only for $35.00
Ocean Jasper (Madagascar)- Variety of swirls of color $20.00/lb
Onyx (Brazil) Shiny black $8.00/lb
Peridot, bright gemmy green $40.00/LB
Petrified Wood (Brazil) Shades of beige to brown $9.00/lb
Picture Jasper (Africa or U.S.A.) Beige with gray green or with shades of brown $9.00/lb
Pietersite - B grade $30.00/lb
Prehnite (Africa) Mottled apple green $22.00/lb
Pyrite – sparkling gold metallic mineral $25.00/lb
Rainbow Fluorite China Translucent A Grade purples & greens $19.00/lb
Rainbow Fluorite (China) Hand Polished B grade - mostly greens $11.00/lb
Rainbow Moonstone White stone with an opalescent play of colors. $33.00/lb
Rhodocrosite (Argentina) Deep pink @ white stripes, large sizes available, (1/2 lb min) $45.00/lb
Rhodonite (Africa) Bubble gum rosy pink $18.00/lb
Rose Quartz (Madagascar) Rich translucent pink Triple A grade $17.00/lb
Rose Quartz (Brazil) Opaque light pink $9.00/lb
Ruby Fushite - Green Fushite speckled with red ruby crystal. $40.00/lb
Rutilated Quartz (Brazil) gold/red/silver Rutile needle inclusions $19.00/lb
Septarian (Madagascar) $14/lb
Serpentine -13.00/lb
Smoky Quartz Crystal NATURAL, not treated $10.00/lb
Snowflake Obsidian (Utah) Black with white "flakes" $10.00/lb
Sodalite (Brazil) Deep blue with white streaks $8.00/lb
Tiger Eye (Africa) brown @ yellow gold flashing bands $10.00/lb
Tiger Eye type (Africa) Hawks Eye - blue color flashing bands $10.00/lb
Tiger Eye type (Africa) Falcons Eye - red color flashing bands $10.00/lb
Tourmalinated Quartz (Brazil)black/green Tourmaline needle inclusions $29.00/lb
Turquoise, green/blue color with flecks of brown, $58.00/lb
Unakite (Africa) Greens with pink spots $9.00/lb
Zebra Stone, white with black stripes, $11.00/lb

Velvet Display Pillows: Our custom-made version done in lush, high quality material Features a pocket-like top portion holding it securely while displaying at the best angle. Available in Black, Purple, Red, or Royal Blue.
4" - $5.00/ea / 6" - $9.00/ea / 8" - $12.00/ea / 10" - $16.00/ea
Draw String Velour Pouches: 1/2 dz. minimum of each color please!
Black, Bright Red, Burgundy, Dark Brown, 4" x 5" 3" x 4" 2" x 3"
Hunter Green, Light Gray, or Royal Blue $10.00/dz $8.00/dz $6.00/dz
Sphere stands: Attractive way to display your spheres… Clear stand easily accommodates spheres ranging approx. 1 ½" to 4" diameter. Acrylic for $2.50/each


All prices listed in this catalog are cash price & are subject to change without notice.
Minimum order is $100.00 plus shipping. A handling charge may apply. All rush orders are subject to an additional charge of 10%. Please plan ahead for your shipments! S&H will be added to your order once it has been packed & final weight is determined. We reserve the right to substitute merchandise of equal quality and/or value if the requested merchandise has been sold out.
Resale Tax Identification Number (issued by your state), or other legitimate business number is required for wholesale orders. Unless terms have been established, prepayment is necessary for all orders.

U.P.S. Ground Service is our default shipping method – UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box. Flat Rate boxes offered by the Post Office are not suitable for fragile items. Overseas customers - please call for shipping requirements and information. Customer is responsible for any additional charges incurred for shipping services requested.

All damage or problems must be reported within 3 business days of receipt. We will not accept responsibility after this time. If your package is damaged or opened, keep all items and packing material together and contact the delivering carrier immediately. We cannot replace damaged merchandise unless a claim has been filed.

We guarantee customer satisfaction. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the merchandise, with prior approval from us within 15 days of receipt. Exchange or refund will be given only on items that are returned to us in the same quantities & condition as we shipped. There is an applicable restocking fee of $5.00 per $100.00 of merchandise. Shipping, handling, & insurance will not be refunded.

To proceed to our "Credit Card" and "Tax Exemption Forms" pages - please scroll up to our "Terms of Sale"
and then enter your initials below and click "I accept terms"


We are open 7 days a week. We welcome visits to our warehouse from 8:30a.m. to 4:00p.m., Monday through Friday.
If possible please call 24 hours prior to your visit. We MAY be able to arrange weekend wholesale appointments,
please call at least a week prior to schedule.

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