Diamond Adventure
NO reservations needed -- open 7 days arrive by 3:00 pm
Come and visit the Newest Activity here at Wegner Crystal Mines
Customer feedback shows this may become a new favorite

$29.00 per bag

Each Bag Contains at least ½ carat of Diamonds
1 in 8 Bags contains Diamonds valued at $200.00 Plus
With each bag of Diamond Bearing Gravel, you will receive a FREE velvet pouch and a magnification gem display box.

Enjoy the unique lights, ambiance and sit in air conditioned comfort at your own custom made light table.  Working slowly, you will pour a small amount of the gravel onto the lit surface and sort through it –As you sort through it, grain by grain you will find the Diamonds.  You can expect to find approx. ½ carat total weight or more in each pail.  Some pails will include Diamonds with a value a $200.00 or more.  Place the Diamonds into the magnification box for display and safe keeping.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Use of our tools is included in the fee

  As we are working with the approval Arkansas’ Crater of Diamonds State Park we wish to inform you that these are not Arkansas Diamonds.  Diamonds provided for this activity come from the Congo, Africa. We highly recommend you visit Crater of Diamonds State Park,which is a 50 minute drive from Mt. Ida