Tailings Area

No reservations are needed for this activity - Open from 8am - 4pm
Arrive by 1:00pm to allow enough time to do the activity


The Tailings Area and Picnic Site is an affordable option
for families and groups of all sizes and abilities. 
In this activity, we brought the mining experience to you
by hauling in hundreds of truckloads
of dirt and crystals from one of our mines.
We spread it out in a field - in a beautiful scenic valley.
We keep it refreshed by adding more crystals on a regular basis. 
Spend as much or as little time as you wish.
You are welcome to use the picnic tables.

Fee: Adults $10.50 - $6.60 kids 11 & under - $6.60 seniors
Discount $4.00 off, per family, when you do this
activity and either the Gemstone Sluice or our
brand new Diamond Collecting Adventure.
Tools and buckets are included and
Keep all you find.